A beautiful articulation of what I aim to do with my work

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My client with quadriplegia wrote a letter to the foundation that offered to fund some of her sessions with me. The most moving and beautiful articulation of the work I aim to do…she encouraged me to share it with you…humbled and grateful for the ability to help her in this way

Dear Maggie,
I am so thankful and pleased to have been accepted under your program so that I can pursue alternative methods for pain management. When I saw your article in New Mobility magazine, I gained hope that it might be possible for me to afford (with your help) a new avenue. I never knew that massage/cranio sacral therapy would make such a difference until I started working with Kelly Vogel. When I see her she makes my body feel alive again. She helps me find my balance physically and from there I also gain greater insights into my whole life and am better able to cope with all of its challenges.
The pain that I have been suffering with has been with me since my injury. Even though I cannot technically “feel” below my chest, the pain affects my whole body and my well being. Physical medicine doctors and medical insurance companies don’t seem to understand that there are better options than simply trying to block the pain with pills. Instead in Kelly’s sessions we “move” the pain out of my body. Although that may sound very strange, it actually works! I was even skeptical at first because doctors tell you this is the pain you will be living with the rest of your life.
What I am learning with Kelly is that there is a whole lot more going on and it involves not only the human body, but the human spirit and soul. Just by learning how to breathe correctly and how to relax into my body and let Kelly navigate through the pain from my head to my toes, I have already gained enormous relief. Kelly is supplying me with tools that I can use every day to help transform my life and transcend the challenges of a debilitating high level spinal cord injury.
I am so grateful that the Chanda Foundation is able to help me and support me in healing my mind, body and soul.
I cannot thank you enough,

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