A beautiful articulation of what I aim to do with my work

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My client with quadriplegia wrote a letter to the foundation that offered to fund some of her sessions with me. The most moving and beautiful articulation of the work I aim to do…she encouraged me to share it with you…humbled and grateful for the ability to help her in this way Dear Maggie, I am so thankful and pleased to have been accepted under your program so that I can pursue alternative... Read more...

Yoga on the beach

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FAQ-Does Massage Need to be Painful to be Effective?(video)

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A lot of people think that in order to get the most out of a massage it needs to be painful, and they ask me to go deeper even when their body is telling me its enough. I am happy to do deep work on someone if they are able to breathe while Im working, and not holding their breath (cause its so painful) & if the tissue allows me to go deeper. Working slow and deep can be very effective if done... Read more...

What Should You Be Asking Your Massage Therapist?(video)

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What is my role, as client during the massage? Are you going to fix me? Many people think that when they come for a massage that I will be doing all the work, and I will make them better or not. But it really is a group effort the client, the breath and me. My client plays an important role in consciously letting go of pain, tension and emotion. Using their breath to relax the nervous system and get... Read more...

FAQ- How Should I Breathe During a Massage?(video)

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A lot of people unconsciously breathe with short, shallow breaths. By bringing more awareness to the breath you are not only more in touch with what’s going on in your body, but also are able to take control of your nervous system. By learning how to breathe deeper, slower & controlled breaths, you get more oxygen to the body and cause the nervous system to relax. It becomes a useful tool... Read more...